We all make mistakes. Athol Credit Union’s got your back.

Whether you forgot about that big purchase that almost drained your checking account or you just lost track of your balance, ACU knows mistakes happen. That is why we offer our overdraft and Sweeps protection, to keep you from paying too much due to overdraft fees.


Overdraft Protection


We know it is embarrassing to have a transaction declined or a returned check. That’s why ACU is happy to offer overdraft protection. Instead of returning transactions as “insufficient funds,” ACU will pay reasonable overdrafts on your behalf, with the expectation of repayment plus a small fee. We are happy to do this for reasonable overdrafts up to your assigned overdraft protection limit.

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Worried about your checking account running low on funds? Our Sweeps program automatically transfers funds from your savings account into your checking account in the case of an overdraft for a small fee.