“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Athol Credit Union’s mission is summed up in the wise words of Maya Angelou. We want our members to remember how we made them feel. To us, banking is about so much more than daily transactions. It’s about helping people. Our members are not just numbers – the very success of our credit union depends on us providing the best financial service, advice, and personalization that can only come from a small business.

In the 90 years we have been in operation, we have seen large banks come and go in the community. We have helped community members who could not get mortgages, loans, or even bank accounts from our larger counterparts. Because of our size, we have the ability to take the time to meet with current and potential members when they need our help. As an ACU member-owner, you can expect to hear, “Let’s see what we can do,” instead of, “We can’t help you.” We are responsive to those who have faced financial challenges, and have created products that can help those with challenges get back to stable financial footing.

As Athol Credit Union grows, we focus not only on providing the best, most personalized customer service in the area, but on improving our member-facing technology. We want our member-owners to be able to do business with us from wherever they are. In the coming years, you will see us expanding services through our ATMs and website, as well as investing in technologies that will make banking easier. In addition, we are expanding our business services to better help small business owners in the area with their banking needs.

The Athol Credit Union slogan is, “Your Money. Your Community.” By keeping your money with a local credit union, you help finance local loans and commerce. By investing locally, your money stays within the community, helping it grow and thrive. As a not-for-profit entity, we have an obligation to use our profits to the benefit of our member-owners. We are happy to be your small town credit union, and hope you stop in to see us soon.  

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