ACU offers an array of loans to help our members finance important purchases, meet their financial goals, or cover costs when unexpected expenses arise. 

Personal Term Loans

Personal loans are a fantastic option to help cover unexpected expenses, consolidate high-rate credit cards, or get you out of perpetual payday loans. We can lend up to $35,000 with terms of up to 120 months for well-qualified members. 

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Vehicle Loans

Beyond great rates on all kinds of vehicles, we also offer excellent and affordable GAP coverage and Mechanical Warranty options. We have special rates for low credit scores or no credit scores members.  

Find out about our ongoing “Switch & Ditch” program for auto and truck refinancing and how easy and quick it can be to refinance your car.

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Mass Save Heat Loans

Mass Save Heat Loans offer interest-free financing opportunities for energy-efficient home upgrades such as heating and water-heating equipment, central A/C, heat pumps, insulation, and more.

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Credit Builder Loans

Do you have a low credit score, or maybe no credit score at all? A Credit Builder Loan will help get you back on track and raise your credit scores and build some savings at the same time.

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