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“I will never forget what ACU did for me. They made me a first-time homeowner!”


“Athol Credit Union is absolutely driven to meet its member’s needs. They met mine and I couldn’t be happier, and now I’m a homeowner! They came up with a way for it to happen with an affordable 30-year mortgage plus some necessary funding from The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston’s Equity Builder Program. The process was painless, the help extremely professional and they guided me all along the way. If you want to deal with an institution that really puts you first, then do what I did – head to Athol Credit Union.”


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“I needed a mortgage that would also cover the cost of rehabbing the home I wanted. ACU fixed me up with just what I needed.”


“Before you worry a lot about a mortgage, call ACU. They’re unbelievable! They found a way through MassHousing’s Purchase and Rehabilitation Program, along with some extra funds from the Equity Program from The Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston to get me the mortgage I needed. Listen – before you worry a lot about a mortgage, talk to ACU. They know just what it takes to put you in a home of your own, whether it’s in perfect condition or needs a little TLC.”